Follow-on Topics

At the April workshop, participants discussed the following topics as possible themes for future workshops or focus group meetings:

  1. At 2018 DPS: A panel debate on how “processed or preserved” compared to the ISM are these materials (IDPs, comets, meteorites, etc)
  2. At 2018 Fall AGU: panel discussion or oral presentations
    • Radiation – as it fits into evolution and modification of carbon compounds (on surfaces, maybe in atmospheres too)
      • Tholins
      • Timescales of processing (incl UV photo-)
      • PAH UV/hydrogenation
      • which energies break up hydrocarbons, which energies make them evolve into more complex hydrocarbons?
      • Space weathering experiments
      • Lab work & theory
  4. Ceres organics OR Ceres/Ryugu/Bennu
  5. chemical studies of IOM, lab chemistry
  6. Mercury carbon (e.g. thickness of LRM layer); polar deposits
  7. Chemistry of early solar nebula
  8. Topics we didn’t get into much in the April 2018 workshop:
    • Titan chemistry
    • Enceladus/E ring
    • Comet nuclei
    • Carbon deficiencies
    • Moon origin & implications for carbon