Carbon in the Solar System Workshop Program

Last Updated: April 17, 2018

Time Title Presenter
Wednesday, April 25
9:00AM MDT Welcome/Logistics Yvonne Pendleton, Amanda Hendrix
9:15AM Invited: The Nature of Interstellar Organics and Their Relationship to the Solar System Yvonne Pendleton
9:45AM The Carbon Continuum in the Solar System Amanda Hendrix
10:00AM Reflectance and Emissivity Spectra of Graphite as Potential Darkening Agent for Mercury from the UV to the TIR and Its Comparison to Remote Sensing Measurements from Messenger and Mertis on Bepicolombo Alessandro Maturilli
10:15AM Carbon on Mercury’s Surface – Origin, Distribution and Concentration Rachel Klima
10:30AM The Role of Carbon in Exotic Crust Formation on Mercury Kathleen Vander Kaaden
10:45AM - 12:45PM Discussion/Lunch
12:45PM The Carbon Dichotomy of Mars Versus the Martian Moons: An Important Clue to Mars’ History Marc Fries
1:00PM Carbon Within Ceres’ Regolith: Constraints from Nuclear Spectroscopy Tom Prettyman
1:15PM On the Origin of the Organic-rich Material on Ceres Simone Marchi
1:30PM Invited: Carbon in Meteorites Dan Britt
2:00PM Carbonaceous Lithologies from Outer Solar System Bodies in Meteorite Regolith Breccias Mike Zolensky
2:15PM Space Weathering in Ureilites, a Major Group of Carbon-rich Differentiated Meteorites: Implications for Compositions of Dark Asteroids Cyrena Goodrich
2:30PM - 4:00PM Discussion ALL
Poster: Tracking Thermal Alteration of Ordinary Chondrites via Raman Spectroscopy of Carbonaceous Material Jordan Young
Poster: Organic Matter in Impact Melt Rocks of the El’gygytgyn Crater (Chukotka, Russia) Yevgeniy Gurov
Thursday, April 26
9:00AM MDT Invited: Organic Materials on Pluto and Saturn Satellites Iapetus, Phoebe, and Hyperion Dale Cruikshank
9:30AM Cassini’s Ion and Neutral Mass Spectrometer Observes Carbon-rich Grains in Saturn’s Exosphere Kelly Miller
9:45AM On the Generation and Detectability of Organic Chemistry in Hypervelocity Impact Ice Spectra Zach Ulibarri
10:00AM Invited: Reflectance Spectroscopy of Carbonaceous Meteorites and Insoluble Organic Matter for Interpretation of Spacecraft Data Hannah Kaplan
10:30AM Carbonaceous Asteroids and Meteorites: Clues to the Formation and Evolution of Our Solar System Driss Takir
10:45AM Invited: Carbon on Main-belt Asteroids: What We Know and What We Don't Know Faith Vilas
11:00AM Pathways for Carbon Reduction and Abiotic Organic Synthesis in Aqueous Environments Tom McCollom
11:15AM - 1:00PM Lunch ALL
1:00PM Invited: Carbon in Comets Maria Womack
1:30PM The Diversity of Carbon in Cometary Refractory Dust Particles Diane Wooden
1:45PM The Volatile Composition of Co-dominated Comet C/2016 R2 (PANSTARRS) Adam McKay
2:00PM Comet C/2013 V5 (Oukaimeden): Evidence for Compositional Heterogeneity as Revealed Through Infrared Spectroscopy Mike DiSanti
2:15PM Delivery of Carbon, Nitrogen and Sulfur to the Silicate Earth by a Giant Impact Damanveer Grewal
2:30PM - 4:00PM Discussion/Conclusion of Workshop ALL