The Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute (SSERVI) is proud to present a series of community-wide virtual workshops on the topic of Carbon in the Solar System, led by Dr. Amanda Hendrix and Dr. Faith Vilas of the SSERVI TREX team. The first workshop was held on April 25-27, 2018. We encourage you to check back as we will provide updates on upcoming workshops.

Recent investigations within our Solar System, including the Pluto system, the Saturn system, Mercury, and nearly all points in between, make this the right time to hold a workshop to discuss and synthesize these results as we focus on the role of carbon in the Solar System. The workshop includes invited and contributed talks on observational, lab and modeling work related to carbon and carbonaceous species on Solar System bodies. In addition to the scheduled talks, the workshop will provide ample discussion time for the community to participate through the use of the Adobe Connect chat feature. This will be the first of two SSERVI workshops on this topic. The second meeting (in-person) will follow-up on questions that arise during the virtual workshop, especially those that elucidate research areas where collaborative efforts would enable further progress. Dates and location for the second meeting are TBD. Both workshops are open to the entire research community. Please contact the SSERVI Central Technology Team if you need technical assistance.

SSERVI Science Organizing Committee

Amanda Hendrix
Faith Vilas
Andy Rivkin
Dan Britt
Carle Pieters